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Popular Mechanic’s Best Mattresses for Better Sleep – M3 Mattress

Best Products’ 10 Best Cooling Pillows in 2021 – Storm Pillow

Forbes’ Most Luxurious Bedding – Glacier Pillow

She Knows’ Bet Cooling Sheets – Dri-Tec Sheets

PureWow’s 16 Bestselling Items our Team is Buying – Ver-Tex Cooling Mattress Topper

Best Products’ Best Hybrid Pillow – Storm Pillow

Rolling Stone’s Best Gifts for Mom – Cosmo Pillow

Good Housekeeping’s Best Pillows for Side Sleepers – Balance Pillow

TODAY’s Best Cooling Mattress in 2021 – M3 Mattress

Women’s Running Magazine’s Better Sleep Aids – Ver-Tex Sheet Set

Women’s Running Magazine’s Better Sleep Aids – M3 Mattress

C|Net’s ‘Best Sheets of 2021’ – Dri-Tec Sheet Set

MSN, ‘Best Pillow for a Perfect Night’s Sleep’ – Alpine Pillow


C|Net’s ‘Best Sheets for every sleeper’ – Dri-Tec Sheet Set

Good Housekeeping’s ‘9 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers’ – Balance Pillow

Yahoo! News’ ‘Best Mattresses of 2020’ – M3 Mattress

Gear Patrol’s ‘Best Weighted Blanket 2020’ – Hyper-Cotton Weighted Blanket

Cosmopolitan Magazine’s ‘Top Things You Will Need for Top Surgery’ – Galaxy Pillow

Popular Mechanics’ Best Mattress for Active People – M3 Mattress

Gear Patrol’s Best Weighted Blankets of 2019 – Hyper-Cotton Weighted Blanket

Best Products’ Best Bed Pillows for a Perfect Night’s Sleep in 2020 – Storm Pillow

Men’s Health Magazine’s ‘2020 Sleep Awards’ – M3 Mattress

Women’s Health 12 Cooling Pillows – Storm Pillow

Good Housekeeping’s Best Mattresses to buy online – M3 Mattress

Popular Mechanic’s Best Mattress for Active People – M3 Mattress

Best Products 2020 Bedding Awards, ‘Best Cooling Pillow’ – Storm Pillow

TODAY, Best Cooling Mattress - M3 Mattress

BuzzFeed’s ’22 Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers’ – Dri-Tec Sheets

Health Magazine’s ‘2020 Sleep Awards’ – Storm Pillow

Good Housekeeping’s ‘Breathable Face Masks to Stay Comfortable’ – Performance Mask

Women’s Runnings’ ‘Runner-Friendly Face Coverings’ – Performance Mask

POPSUGAR’s ‘Moisture-Wicking Face Masks’ – Performance Mask

Good Housekeeping’s ‘Best Sheet Brands for a More Luxurious Sleep’ – Dri-Tec Sheets


Prevention’s Healthy Sleep Awards – M3 Mattress

Women’s Health Magazine featured Ver-Tex Sheets in their June 2019 issue

Consumer Reports ranked and recommends BEDGEAR’s M3 Mattress

Good Housekeeping’s 16 Best Pillows to Buy in 2019 – M1X Pillow

Good Housekeeping’s Best Mattresses to Buy Online in 2019- M3 Mattress

Good Housekeeping’s 11 Best Bed Sheets – Dri-Tec Sheets

SheKnows’ Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers – Dri-Tec Sheets

Good Housekeeping’s 9 Best Sheets – Dri-Tec Sheets

AskMen’s Best Bedding of Summer – Dri-Tec Sheets

Yahoo! Lifestyles’ Bedtime Game-Changer – Dri-Tec Sheets

Best Products’ 10 Cooling Pillows- Storm 1.0 Pillow

Best Products’ Best Mattress for your Needs – M1 Mattress

SheKnows’ Best Cooling Sheets and Bedding – Dri-Tec Sheets

Woman’s Day Health Great Value Awards, Better ZZZ’s 2019 – Dri-Tec Sheets

PureWow, Best Pillows for 5 Common Sleep Issues, Performance Pillows

Inverse, Best Performance Sheets to Keep Your Bed Cool and Dry, Dri-Tec Sheets

Women’s Health, The 8 Best Custom Pillows To Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep – M1X Pillow

Good Housekeeping’s Best Mattresses of 2019 – M3 Mattress

IMPROB Magazine’s 15 Best Mail Order Mattresses – M3 Mattress


Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award, Home Category – M3 Mattress

BestProducts’ 7 Best Bed Pillows For Every Sleeper – Solar 2.0 Pillow

BuzzFeed’s 9 Game-Changing Products for a Home Upgrade-M1X Mattress

BuzzFeed’s 8 Game-Changing Products Every Pet Owner Needs- Pet Beds

Fatherly’s Best Sheets to Keep You Cool – Ver-Tex Sheets

Fox News’ 8 Top Gifts for ‘007-Worthy’ Adventures – Solar 2.0 Pillow

Rachel Ray Every Day 7 Smart Buys for Better Sleep – Balance 1.0 Pillow

Sports Illustrated Best Health and Fitness Gifts – Alpine Pillow


BestProduct’s 20 Bed Pillow for Better Sleep – Balance Pillow

Teen Vogue’s Best of Back to School – Level 3.0 Pillow

BestProduct’s 8 Cooling Pillows – Balance Pillow

Better Homes & Gardens’ featured variety of BEDGAR Pillows in January issue

Health Magazine’s Best Home Buys in their May 2017 issue – Dri-Tec Sheets

Runner’s World Gear of the Year in their December 2017 print issue – Thunder 1.0

Outside Magazine’s Gear for Perfect Night’s Sleep – Level Pillow

Shape Magazine’s Best Pillows for Better Sleep – Dawn 1.0 Pillow


O, The Oprah Magazine featured the Storm Pillow in their June 2016 issue

BEDGEAR Balance Pillow & Dri-Tec Protector featured on television show ‘The Doctors’

Performance Pillows Featured in Shape Magazine’s March issue for ‘Better Sleep’

BEDGEAR Aspire Pillow Pillow featured on ‘The Rachel Ray Show’

BestProducts’ 100 Dorm Life Must Haves – BEDGEAR Sleep System

Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn July 2016 issue - BEDGEAR Crib Sheets


Real Simple’s 6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life – BEDGEAR Performance Backrest

Pregnancy Magazine’s Best Baby– Ver-Tex Crib Mattress Protector & Dri-Tec Crib Sheets

Popular Mechanics’ Sleep Better than an Astronaut – BEDGEAR Pillows & Dri-Tec Sheets

Parade Magazine’s 10 Products for a Good Night’s Sleep – BEDGAR Pillows

Outside Magazine’s Products for Better Sleep – BG-X Pillow

Muscle & Fitness Magazine’s HOT list for Healthy Living – Freestyle Pillow

BuzzFeed’s Sports and Fitness Find’s – BEDGAR Performance Pillows

BEDGEAR Business Awards


Eugene Alletto named Furniture Today’s ‘2019 People to Watch’


Andrea Antinozzi, Director of Merchandising named to Home Furnishing News 40 under 40


Ozge Sayan, Creative Director named to Home Furnishing News 40 under 40


Eugene Alletto named 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year for New York


BEDGEAR ranked -37 on Crain’s New York Business Fast 50


INC. 5,000 Applicant of the week – Eugene Alletto

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