Sleep Fuel Foundation

The bedgear® Sleep Fuel Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers FREE interactive sleep deprivation programs to youth of all school ages. The Foundation educates children, parents and educators about sleep deprivation and how it affects their success levels.

American students are surrounded by devices and caffeinated products that are contributing to the fact that 80% of them are chronically sleep deprived. Our mission at the Sleep Fuel Foundation is to wake kids up to the importance of proper sleep. We do this with motivating presentations, handouts, and interactive media. The Foundation is pleased to offer fun, free sleep education programs that focus on student achievement and how it is related to sleep deprivation.

There are multiple programs to fit the needs of all students and their caregivers. The content and delivery style varies depending on the age of the group. Topics covered include sports performance, grades, IQ, memory, ADD/ADHD, obesity, growth, healing, light, and the culture of sleep belittlement. All information provided is based on referenced, peer reviewed scientific studies.

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We are proud to partner with Ticket to Dream Foundation to support their efforts to help foster kids thrive.
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